Introducing the Hasbro Family Fun Pack!


4 Great Games in 1. Play the Hasbro Family Fun Pack game on your Xbox One or PS4™ system today!

Hasbro Family Fun Pack is a brand-new compilation of endless fun. Family game nights have been reinvented, providing hours of entertainment with four classic titles. With modern twists and exciting new ways to play, your favorite Hasbro games have never been more enjoyable!

Key Features

  • MONOPOLY Plus - Play the MONOPOLY you know and love set in a beautiful 3D world - watch the board come to life!
  • RISK - Compete with players from around the world in this classic game of global domination.
  • TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live! - Featuring unique question formats and diverse rounds - it's never been so fun for everyone.
  • SCRABBLE - Challenge opponents in person or online, and test your word skills with new game modes!

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monopoly plus-screenshot-speed-dice
monopoly plus-screenshot-tokens
monopoly plus-screenshot-jail
monopoly plus-screenshot-train

It’s MONOPOLY for a new era! Play MONOPOLY PLUS on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4™ system, or PS3™ system.

Watch your empire come to life in this all-new take on MONOPOLY! You can choose amongst your favorite house rules, challenge other players from around the world, and even control the fun from your smartphone or tablet device!

A real living board

  • A full living 3D city in the center of the board.
  • A miniature world that interacts with your progression throughout the game.

Play the way you want

  • For a faster game, use the Speed Die.
  • Or select from a catalogue of 6 house rules.

A social experience

  • Take and display your photos at special moments during the game.
  • Multiplayer: 1 to 6 offline and online.

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MY MONOPOLY, my board, my customization. Play MY MONOPOLY on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4™ system, or PS3™ system.

MY MONOPOLY is the classic game with your own touch. Customize the board’s center. Name the properties after your family and friends. Decorate your board however you like!

Customization has never been so easy

  • Create your very own MONOPOLY game.
  • Choose from a large library of 2D and 3D elements.

Play to unlock customization assets

  • The more you play, the more you are rewarded.
  • Unlock special 3D or 2D items by completing challenges in MONOPOLY PLUS.

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Monopoly Deal logo

A fast-paced, delightfully addictive card game featuring everything you love about MONOPOLY! Play MONOPOLY® DEAL on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4™ system, or PS3™ system.

MONOPOLY DEAL keeps everything that makes MONOPOLY fun, and condenses all of the frantic action into a fast-paced card game. Outthink and outbid your friends and opponents from around the world in your scramble to victory!

Fast-paced MONOPOLY experience

  • A frantic card game to build your real estate empire.
  • Be the first to collect 3 full property sets of different colors to win the game.

Online play

  • Compete against your friends.
  • Multiplayer: 1 to 5 online.

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RISK logo

Modern combat meets RISK - the classic game of global domination. Play RISK on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4™ system, or PS3™ system.

RISK steps into the near future with modern armies. Deploy tanks, planes and infantry in the modern warfare twist on the classic game of global domination! Online league play allows you to compete with people from around the world.

Classic RISK Rules

  • The 2010 rules as standard.
  • An exciting strategic experience with variants from previous sets as options.

RISK moves into the present with a modern warfare look

  • Stunning visuals with a modern, military look.
  • Thrilling combat videos set in 3D environments.
  • Multiplayer: 1 to 4 offline and online.

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trivia pursuit-screenshot-1

A modern twist on the world’s most well-known trivia game. Play the TRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE! game on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4™ system, or PS3™ system.

Trivia has never been so much fun. A more modern look, new reinvented question types, and the world’s best questions from the world’s top trivia authority.

Unique catch-up rounds

  • A new fun TV show environment.
  • Exciting rounds with different rules.

Exclusive question formats

  • Show off your knowledge with 4 question types.
  • Includes both classic and ranged multiple choice, category bank, and two answers bank.

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The ultimate crossword game. Play the SCRABBLE game on your Xbox One or PS4™ system today!

Challenge friends and test your word skills – this classic game is full-on-fun, on console!

Many Ways to Play

  • Play with friends in person, online, or add virtual opponents. Virtual opponents range from easy to very difficult to beat, and will respond to the player’s actions and strategies over time, allowing players to either engage in casual fun or play with a real challenge.

Exciting Matches and Challenges

  • Scrabble can be played competitively against players from all over the world in an engaging, seamless multiplayer experience. Players will be matched against other players of similar skill and try to prove who is better as they rank up across new multiplayer modes.

Track Your Progress

  • Scrabble features a player card that tracks multiple stats for the player across both solo and multiplayer experiences. All major stats are shown on the Scrabble Leaderboards, allowing players to see how they stack up against the community!

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Test your way with words & play! Play the BOGGLE game on your Xbox One or PS4™ system today!

With a luxurious 3D board and dice set, BOGGLE brings the classic franchise to a new level for a memorable experience.
Shake up the 16 letter cubes and try to spot as many hidden words as you can. Race against the timer as you follow adjoining letters, every which way, searching for words that you hope your opponents won't find. Words earn points and the player with the highest score wins!
Get ready to defeat BOGGLE players from around the world, with new strategies thanks to the fresh new rules made for consoles

New variant rules add to the challenge

These new modifiers add diversity to the experience and some of them change the way the player has to look at the board.

  • Bonus Dice: This tile multiplies the point value of every word in which it is included. This tile changes regularly.
  • Time Attack: Each point scored adds 2 seconds to the timer. Find as many words as possible before time runs out.
  • Word Find: Words are displayed on-screen; you just have to find them.
  • Banned Letter: One random letter becomes unusable for X seconds.
  • Minefield: A bomb will detonate and reroll all adjacent dice.

Develop your word game skills

BOGGLE includes several options allowing players to develop their word game skills like the ability to rotate the playfield for a fresh perspective.

Social features

Users can follow the community thanks to a variety of social features like the leaderboard and trophies.
And thanks to the HASBRO GAME CHANNEL, the player can have access to missions, achievements and rewards. He can see which games his friends are playing and eventually join them on many other Hasbro games.

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